Our Bottled Water

Enjoy Bottled Water from Tahoe Springs

Folks who live in the hot dry climate of Las Vegas, Nevada have to be especially careful to stay hydrated and the key is bottled water. Tahoe Springs is the best bottled water Las Vegas has to offer. Because it is easy having access to quality spring water Las Vegas visitors and residents just need to be aware of the importance and get in the habit of consuming our bottled water on a regular basis. Whether working or playing, enjoy a sip of refreshing water from a Tahoe Springs water cooler or a bottle of Tahoe Springs natural spring water.

Did you know that more than 50% of the human body is water? It is important to continually replenish your body’s water reserves since daily activity as well as the dehydrating effects of products such as alcohol, coffee, tea, and soft drinks deplete it. Most people do not drink the recommend eight 8 oz. servings of water per day (with additional servings if you are outside in hot weather or doing strenuous exercise.) Serious dehydration can lead to death, but even being slightly dehydrated can have side effects such as dry skin, constipation, dizziness or light-headed and headaches. Unfortunately, children and older adults often do not feel thirsty even when they need fluids.

With easy bottled water delivery Las Vegas residents have no excuse to not get their daily needs. Tahoe Springs encourages children and adults to get in the habit of drinking water rather than more expensive and less healthy beverages, such as sugary soda pop and fruit drinks. For water delivery Las Vegas residents and companies need only to call: Tahoe Springs at 702-433-4545.

Know Your Water

Tahoe Springs is derived from our natural spring water secluded deep in the High Sierra Mountains. We want you to be aware that all bottled water is not the same, since it comes from many different sources. Tahoe Springs offers both natural spring water and fresh drinking water. We monitor our water source constantly to detect any changes in its chemical, physical or microbiological characteristics. It is important to insure that our water’s initial purity remains unchanged.

Fresh Drinking Water or Natural Spring Water

When choosing bottled water Las Vegas residents and companies can select either fresh drinking water or natural spring water. If you want fresh water delivery Las Vegas residents are guaranteed crisp, delicious water that is purified through an exhaustive seven-stage process that includes, not only reverse osmosis, active carbon filtration, macro and micro filtration, but also ozonization and ultra-violet light. The result is amazingly pure water with a lower mineral content. On the other hand if you want spring water Las Vegas visitors or residents can choose our Mountain Spring Water which flows from a 3,000 year old source. Rain and snow filter naturally through rock, creating nature’s own perfect water. This water revitalizes your body with minerals and is naturally Sodium-Free. Rejuvenate your health with the smooth and refreshing taste of our Mountain Spring Water.

For bottled water delivery Las Vegas companies and residents can choose from a variety of products for both purified drinking water and spring water ranging from water cooler stands to 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 0.5 liter bottles.

With temperature that can rise to a whooping 120 degrees in the summer along with the desert’s dry air, it is imperative to stay hydrated.

Tahoe Springs provides the best bottled water Las Vegas has to offer. Enjoy a sip today!